10 Beauty Products Under $15 That Still Are Amazing

This past year, I’m convinced that Sephora has taken most of my money (there might be a close tie with Target; so rightfully basic, I know.) While there’s so many products that are honestly worth the heap price - there’s been a newfound spike in the beauty industry, which brings in a batch of viable options that are increasingly kinder to your wallet.

1. E.L.F Blush Palette

E.L.F’s quality is usually questionable, but I’ve been a solid user of this blush for a good two years now and the pigment still continues to surprise me, especially for the price. It’s a palette of four shades, all which I’ve used not just as blush but for the perfect pink-toned eyeshadow look.

2. Clean & Clear Persa-Gel 10

Benzoyl Peroxide isn’t the greatest thing for your skin to be taking in frequently - but when it comes to a pimple emergency, this product is the way to go. This definitely isn’t for putting all over your face because that would leave an unsettling amount of dryness - but a small amount on a pesky zit will have it decreased greatly by the next morning.

3. Thayer’s Witch Hazel Toner

This bottle of skincare gold comes through as one of my necessary products in my bathroom shelf. Most toners contain alcohol which can dry the skin out, so when i found this alcohol-free option while surfing threw beauty reviews on Amazon, I knew I had to give it a shot to cure my skin woes. It includes rose-petal water, Vitamin E, and witch hazel extract. I use it after I cleanse my face, and it soothes any redness, hydrates, and helps for a clean complexion.

4. ColourPop “SuperShock” Highlighter

I’ve always been a die-hard ColourPop fan and this highlighter did not disappoint. There’s a variety of shades, my choice being Wisp. It’s buildable, depending on how blinding you want your glow to be. I’ve used it lightly for a natural sheen, and I’ve packed it on for when I wanted to be seen shining from afar.

5. Maybelline Falsies Mascara

This mascara has been in my life since the time I even was allowed to wear beauty products, probably around 9th or 10th grade. It elongates the lash and helps with volume, all without any clumps or smearing. I’ve tried both Benefit “They’re Real” and Too Faced “Better Than Sex” yet still always come back to this drugstore option.

6. Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

Being a pretty sweaty person, deodorant was always the hardest thing for me to buy. I’ve gone through dozens, so obviously, you can probably guess I felt unsure with natural deodorants, despite how much “better” they are for your body.  But I now have repurchased this one twice since I found it in Target, the Rose and Vanilla scent being my ultimate favorite.

7. 7 Day Hydrating Sheet Masks

I’m often seen walking out of CVS hoarding these sheet masks when I should’ve been picking up a pack of Advil. I don’t think sheet masks work *miracles* but whenever I need a skin “pick me up”, or my favorite trick is when before an event where I have to wear a good amount of makeup, I put one of these masks on 20 minutes before makeup application and my makeup applies smooth as ever. If you don’t have them at your local CVS, TonyMoly’s sheet masks at Ulta are a close cut.

8. Morphe x Jaclyn Hill “The Vault” Eyeshadow Palette

Morphe is one of my favorite makeup brands, for their quality products at reasonable prices. Their 35o palette was constantly selling out, and after I finally got my hands on it it’s something I use constantly. With Jaclyn Hill, they released these smaller vault palettes, in different tones depending on your preference for only $15 a palette. They also started being sold at Ulta - which makes your beauty hauls much easier.

9. NYX “Lip Lingerie”

I love NYX’S matte lip creams, but the lingerie lips definitely outweigh them in terms of color pay off and how long they last on. For only $7, you’ll be tempted to grab all the shades.

10. Rimmel “Stay Matte” Primer

I’m known for carrying blotting sheets with me at all times. Most mattifying products, instead of getting rid of the oil, will dry my skin out instead. This primer, does exactly what it says. It keeps the skin post-makeup matte while also keeping hydration.

Yusra Siddiqui