Winter Beauty Favorites


 Winter may come with multiple cups of hot cocoa and a handful of additional cheesy movies to watch on Netflix, but it also comes with a fair share of skin woes. The colder temperatures can string along a dry, flaky, and dull complexion to replace your healthy summer glow. Although I wish I could throw on a mask and fix it all for good, skin is never that easy.

 Below, find the goods that I’ve been incorporating into my routine to ditch my cold clad problems behind. From Sephora-cult serums to an under $10 oil from Trader Joes, there’s plenty of options to try out, (and love).

Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Oil

Trader Joes, $7.95

When my skin gets dry - it starts to get irritated and break out. I’ve tried the infamous “pimple patches”, expensive spot treatments, and“acne” targeted masks galore, but this budget-friendly oil has been my go-to for controlling those pesky (and painful) zits.

2. Smith’s Rosebud Salve

Ulta Beauty, $7

I’ve gone through tons of lip balms, scrubs, etc - and this is by far my favorite. The only complaint I had was that it was a little bothersome to use it from the tub - but they fixed that by coming out with the tube version - which is in my bag and on my side-table 24/7.

3. Ice Roller

Amazon, $11.99

i saw this “trend” on a beauty article, and being me - just had to see if it was just a “wellness” dud, or the real deal. There are tons of options out there, but I chose a cheaper route on Amazon, and $12 bucks later, it’s become my favorite part of my daily routine. After I shower, cleanse, and moisturize, I take the little roll out of my freezer and roll my face. It helps with redness and irritation, and somehow has helped my makeup apply much smoother. (Less redness and flakes). My face immediately feels calm and ready to take on the day, (or night!).

4. Summer Friday’s “Jet Leg” Mask

Sephora, $48

Yes - that paint-like tube mask you’ve seen all over Instagram actually works. I’ve gotten two samples of these - the first time usage was so good that I needed to try it again to really make sure. So I went ahead, used it last night, and it still hasn’t let me down. Catch me on my way to Sephora after payday to get my hands on the full package. It’s perfect as a “lazy girl mask” - you make it the last step in your night routine and let it sit as an overnight mask. (No intense washing off needed, just light water commercial-esque face splash.) You’ll wake up and think WTF - in a good and magical way.

5. Glossier “Stretch Concealer”

Glossier, $18

I hate putting makeup on my face in the wintertime, because of creasing and dryness - especially in the nose and under-eye area. Glossier’s stretch concealer fixes that issue, and gives the same glow as it would if the sun was shining past 4PM. It’s not completely full coverage, so if that’s what your’e looking for - this product might not be for you. It gives just a little bit of brightening and blends seamlessly into your skin.

6. Bite Beauty “Amuse Bouche” Lipstick

Sephora, $26

I received a mini version of this as my Sephora birthday gift in September - and, safe to say I’m impressed. My sister got the same gift and told me it was amazing, but I didn’t believe it till I tried it. As a liquid-lipstick lover, this creamy formula takes the cake for winter lips as it hydrates your lips seamlessly but also gives the color like no other.

7. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

Nordstrom, $16

My go-to moisturizer for as long as I can remember. In the summer I tend to use a lighter formula in my daily routine, but when winter comes around, you can’t not find me grabbing for this product every night. My only complaint would be that I wish it came in a tube form, but that’s okay. I definitely would recommend sampling this out first, as the thick consistency may not work for everyone.

8. Fresh Soy Cleanser

Sephora, $38

This may not be an only winter staple for me, but definitely a skin staple that I won’t let go of this season. My skin is sensitive year-round, but winter can be a time that definitely adds a more irritation level for others. (It does for me, at least!) This cleanser is extremely light and perfect for my easily irritated skin. (If you like things a little more stronger, it may not work for you. A cheaper option that worked almost as well for me is The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash. ($14)

 side note: some of these products are a little pricey, I agree – but for me, I cater towards a simpler beauty routine, making a greater importance to my skin and less on makeup. these may work for me, and not you – everyone’s beauty and skin preferences are different and that’s okay! Just sharing what I’ve tried and loved.

Yusra Siddiqui