The Birkin Basket

I love going through magazines and the latest articles of the wide web and magazines–but nothing beats drawing inspiration from fashion of times before. Whether its the 70's, 80's, or 90's, the fashion icons of these times have created trends that still trickle onto today's fashion.



if you're in the know of fashion, you know Jane Birkin–who's iconic style has made an imprint in people's wardrobes everywhere. She is known for the namesake of her popular Hermès Birkin bag. But another bag she carried throughout the 70's brought out a rather different statement, one opposite from luxurious Hermès– a handmade basket from Portugal. It was different, and blended well with her eclectic yet relaxed style.  

I found my handmade basket off of Etsy, straight from Portugal–and although I may have gotten a few stares for it, the vintage touch it adds to a overall modern outfit is just what the look needs.