The Style Icon: Cher Horowitz

In this new series, "The Style Icons", I'll be taking inspiration from my favorite TV/Media fashion icons and creating looks based off of their style, while also incorporating modern trends and my personal twist.

Although it's been 20+ years since the release of Clueless, the style of the film lives on, in all of its plaid, preppy, and '90s nostalgic glory. Cher Horowitz' wardrobe was every girl's dream, and now to the 2018 runway, from London to New York, has become designers' favorite inspiration. 

Referencing from Fashionista and Vogue Runway- designers like Michael Kors, Nicopanda, and Versace all had their style takes on the notable and preppy checkered print. Nicopanda highlighting the plaid in a a grunge setting, while Dior, in Paris, had a more luxury take on the pop culture inspired trend.

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 5.22.53 PM.png

From left to right: Sara Battaglia, Matthew Adams Dolan, Versace, Nicopanda and Michael Kors. Photos: @sarabattaglia/Instagram, Imaxtree (4) (via

Plaid was definitely not a trend to miss this season. I may have strayed away from the sunshine yellow, but the preppy-ness was very much alive and well. From the pop-culture print to to the classiest of blazers, I made it my mission to take on the coveted style that has made it's name for many years. 

Look 1: Schoolgirl

IMG_7728 2.jpeg


a black vinyl panel, and a grayscale theme adds a 2018 edgy flair on the plaid "schoolgirl" skirt we've seen many times over.

Look 2: Beret and a Can



cher predicted the beret trend long before instagram (or the idea of a smartphone) was even thought of. hats with headscarves are always tricky, but it had to be done, along with the best accessory, a fizzy drink. (the diet coke was switched out because we all know that's bad for you, and 2018 cher would as well.)

Yusra Siddiqui